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All the horses are fresh and well

Monday, 14 July 2014

"Our hearts are drunk with a beauty our eyes could never see."

George W. Russell.

Blue Bounty (Heather) leading Hold Firm (Tom) and Prayer Time (Emilie)

After all the rain we have had for the last four or five days, it is quite nice to have a bright sunny morning. The temperature is just a perfect working one, although looking at the paper this morning it said that England was going to be warmer than Barbados. We have been out cantering on Warren Hill and then round Side Hill and although Warren Hill was quite busy with strings going everywhere, all went to plan. The horses are fresh and well and typical of a Monday morning when they have had a day off on a Sunday, they were jumping and kicking round the school in their pre-canter trots.

Lexi Grady Alice (Heather)

Our runner yesterday was slightly disappointing. He travelled and jumped well for a long way, but when asked to quicken up and get involved, he found very little. Maybe we ought to go right handed with him in future, as some horses jump and gallop better going one way or the other. I will be looking for some right handed tracks for him from now on.

Topaling (Sophie)

There is still plenty of chat about the big Saturday meetings that have just gone on. Unfortunately none of the racecourses will want to change their fixtures and I can feel this matter continuing on for another few years yet. The only chance we ever have is if we had centralised race planning, which I always advocated and have been bashing on about for years. However, the racecourses now have control of these fixtures and just purely do it to suit them, which is what has happened with the weekends jumble.


Non-runners aplenty

Friday, 11 July 2014

"Choices are the hinges of destiny."

Edwin Markham.

Astrocat (Sinead)

It’s another very wet morning. In fact the rain was unbelievably heavy as we rode back in at first lot and everybody got completely soaked through. All the summer gallops were shut and we cantered on Long Hill polytrack, which as you know is 7f from the bottom of Warren Hill to the top by Warren Place.  We had a quiet walk back after exercise and it is a shame that it decided to throw it down even more. It will certainly make the ground soft here at Newmarket for the next two days.

My Guardian Angel (Tom) and Blue Bounty (Heather)

There are already 20 non-runners at Newmarket as we speak. It just shows the stupidity of the 48 hour declarations which was forced upon us. The powers that be said they could sell our racing abroad and the prize money would improve because of it. Well I can see no improvement in the prize money and we never seem to get the figures showing how much extra income we have received. There will be so many non-runners over the weekend. In fact our Chester bound runners are very doubtful, as the ground has gone to good, good to firm this morning and neither of ours will like that and I don’t want to jar them up for the future.

Topamichi (Glenn)

I see the outgoing chairman of the Jockey Club, Nicholas Wrigley, has passed the baton to Roger Weatheby and there is still much work to be done. The old Jockey Club may have been a little bit out of touch on occasions and struggled to move with the times, but there are several very good new young members who are now getting their act together and the business is ticking over well. The problem is, each faction fights against each other with their own corner and ideas and everyone has a different point of view. This makes for plenty of interest but suits the bookmakers, as racing is never together with one voice. I can see it all coming to a head in the next few years and we will have to wait and see as to which direction it will all go. I can only say that thank goodness for the overseas interest at the sales, which has bumped up all the prices and kept most people happy.

Astromajor (Tom)

We will be having one runner at the weekend, all being well. My Guardian Angel runs over hurdles at Stratford on Sunday. Joe Akehurst, who rides out for us, will ride and takes a good bit of weight off him. He jumps very well and the track should suit. Let’s hope they both have a good result.


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