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We are taking two runners to Yarmouth today

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

"I am not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine."

Fritz Perls.


It’s a bright morning once again and the temperature is rising fast. It was another 4 o’clock start for me and I have had three or four in the lunge ring before 9 o’clock as the horse walker has gone on the blink, just when I needed it. All the horses have been out and had a good two canter exercise and everybody is working well.


We have two runners today, both at Yarmouth. Sandwood Bay is our first runner at two o’clock. She has had a couple of runs and shown promise in both. This trip will be more to her liking and I am hoping she can run a sound race today. Heavensfield is our other runner in the maiden handicap at three o’clock. She was a bit keen last time and didn’t seem to handle the undulations very well, but this flatter track should suit and I am sure she will run another good race today.

Bracken Brae

It is amazing what veterinary science can do and we had a posse of vets in at six o’clock this morning to tackle one of our horses that has had a wind operation. They put all sorts of gear on him, but basically it is a camera down the throat which watches how the throat works at exercise. I am pleased to say everything is in perfect working order after the operation and they have done a brilliant job. In the old days this type of operation would have been open surgery, rather than the keyhole they use now and would have taken months to recover rather than weeks.


Talking about the walker going wrong, I phoned the engineer to request a visit as quickly as possible. He reminded me of my brother when his forklift truck went wrong. He phoned the engineer who said waggle the wires around a bit and see if that works, which it did. This time I was told to turn it off at the mains, leave it 20 minutes and it should reset itself. I will let you know tomorrow the outcome. At the moment I just want to hit it with a hammer.


A very happy birthday Wendy

Monday, 22 August 2016

"Every one of us has in him a continent of undiscovered character. Blessed is he who acts the Columbus to his own soul."


The morning sky over Newmarket

Although the temperature is 18-19 degrees this morning there is a good breeze and we have had some heavy rain showers blowing across, which will certainly help the ground. I hope it goes towards Yarmouth as we have some runners there tomorrow. With my head lad having a couple of days off, I was in the yard at 4.30 feeding the horses. I always love that time of the morning and being with the horses as you soon find out the ones that are on good form. If they are trying to eat the feed out of the bucket before you get to the manger, it is always a good sign. The exercise has been a good six furlong canter on the Rubbing House polytrack and everything has gone well so far. We could still do with a couple of full time staff and let’s hope they turn up in the near future.

Velvet Voice


Our runners over the weekend did not sparkle to say the least and it has been a disappointing few days. Dot Green got very upset walking across the Knaivemire and had lost her race before going in to the main ring. She was in the stalls early and that didn’t help in the slightest. Horses can get very upset at this track, but at least we have found out and can do something about it in the future. It also poured with rain, which didn’t help either.

Our Saturday runners didn’t fare much better with Topalova performing very poorly once again. It could be that she just hates the all-weather, but I think there might me something more with her. She will be having a few tests done today. Mr Turner was slowly away and six furlongs is too sharp for him, but at least he ran on and beat a few and it could be that seven furlongs or a mile, held up like that with blinkers on, could see the best of him. A magnificent specimen of a horse, I still don’t believe we have seen anywhere near what he is capable of.

Peeps completely missed the break at Chelmsford on Sunday when certainly sulking in the blinkers and she will be having plenty of practice before her next outing. In fact she did remarkably well to finish where she did.

Peeps at Chelmsford yesterday

Our diet for charity is not going too badly with all the players reporting in with their weight loss on a weekly basis. Once again there are one or two classic types, but the handicappers and the sellers have got to start improving quickly. Both charities are a fantastic cause and we want to raise as much money as possible for them both. If anybody has ever seen what Riding for the Disabled does for both children and adults, how it can change their lives and give them so much pleasure, you would understand what I am talking about. The riding school in Derbyshire, which will be our main benefactor of that charity, needs so much tack and if at all possible we can start them on their way to an indoor school so they can ride in the winter as well. So, all participants start saying no to cakes, potatoes and chips and get out walking.

Visitors to the yard on Saturday

Everybody at Frankland Lodge and Dullingham Park Stud, and I am sure all my owners that know her, would wish Wendy Marriott a very happy birthday. I don’t know anybody that deserves it more.


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