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Will I still be here in the morning?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home."


Crystal Pearl (Frankie) and Bracken Brae (Heather)

It never stopped raining all day yesterday and consequently the peat moss grounds both sides of the heath were closed. This didn’t bother us at all as the across the flat and the Links schooling ground, where we went first lot, were perfect. Colin and Joe were in to school the jumpers and Jimmy Quinn was out with the flat horses. The schooling all went very well. The bunch of two year old fillies I sent out together are all improving fast, and although backward, look as if they all have ability, which all bodes very well for the future. It is frustrating when most of the horses are three-year-old types, but patience is a virtue in this game and it will pay off in the long run.

My Guardian Angel (Glenn) and Hold Firm (Ali)

It was the end of Warwick yesterday as a flat course and I think everybody was dismayed with the decision. With the weather like it was, it certainly went out like a damp squib. This looks to me the way racing is going and I am certain it is the wrong way, but we don’t seem to have any leader with a vision of what our sport should be. It is very sad.

Peeps (Sophie)

I see we had another starting fiasco yesterday at Epsom, with the jockeys evidently not being able to see the flagman and just kept on riding. These fiascos keep on occurring and we must find a better way of stopping it happening. A man with a flag and a whistle, which evidently he didn’t blow, is stupid nowadays. We want the starter to push a button where flashing lights and a loud klaxon should ring at the furlong pole, or something similar. My other point on this matter is that there were plenty of top jockeys in this race, which I am sure influenced the outcome of the stewards’ inquiry. If it had been in the north or somewhere with not so high profile jockeys, they would all have be banned for 10 days, but because it would have put them out of some high class races, the Leger and the Irish Champions weekend, the decision was made to not ban anybody, just void the race. There is always this one rule for one and one rule for the other. We need people with grit to take responsibility, but it seems to be very lacking nowadays.

Sant'Elia (Heather)

There were plenty of mushrooms about this morning on the Links schooling ground, and after the horses had jumped I was busy collecting them in my flat cap, much to one or two people’s amazement as they thought they were toadstools. It is the townies you know; when you are brought up in the country you certainly know a mushroom from a poisonous toadstool. Hopefully I will be talking to you tomorrow.


A wet and cold Bank Holiday Monday

Monday, 25 August 2014

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away."

Raymond Hull.

Topamichi (Farhan)

It’s a damp morning and much cooler once again. I think autumn is definitely on its way. It was very quiet in town this morning, and on the heath. I don’t know why it should be on this Bank Holiday, but it tends to be like that any time there is a public holiday. We have been out cantering on Warren Hill and all has gone very smoothly.

Prayer Time (Farhan) and Astromajor (Ali)

We will be starting our second lot of weaning this week, and as we had fewer foals this year than last, it will soon be all over. However, we have one or two late foals which Angie might leave with the mares a bit longer. It always seems to go very well and it is only the occasional mare or foal that worries for a day or two, but if you have them in the right groups with their friends, they soon settle down. It is just like going to a new school.

Blue Bounty (Jessica) and Smile That Smile (Reece)

It is disappointing the see that Clare Balding is considering leaving Channel 4 racing. She is by far and away the best presenter, is always well rehearsed and researched and puts everything over in a very professional way, also the public get to know her from her other broadcasting jobs, whether it be on the TV or the radio. I would hope they would try and offer her a package she couldn’t refuse, as we don’t want the viewing figures going down even more. A good racing product on TV is a must.

Walking home in the rain

It is the end of Warwick as a flat racing track today, which is very disappointing and another nail in the coffin for turf racing. We seem to be losing turf courses at a great rate of knots and Bath looks to be on the radar next. This has all been brought about by a few jockeys complaining about the bend, which could have easily been sorted out. It had been no trouble for years until they started using moveable rails, which they have obviously been putting at the wrong angle. My fear about a glut of all weather racing is getting nearer


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