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Get well soon Becky

Thursday, 21 July 2016

"The one real object of education is to have a man in the condition of continually asking questions."

Bishop Mandell Creighton.

Walking to the gallops on Hamilton Hill

It’s overcast this morning and a much kinder temperature. It’s not nearly so oppressive as the last couple of days and is the perfect working conditions. The horses have had a good exercise without getting too hot and bothered. We were going to have a runner today at Yarmouth, but after taking its blood last night, the results showed that it was not right and consequently we have withdrawn her. It’s enough to drive a saint barmy training racehorses at this time and you need the patience of Job, as well as having very understanding owners. Mind you it’s not as bad as having the favourite for the King George ruled out in similar circumstances, but if the horses aren’t right, you just can’t run them. Time is the best cure, as well as a course of antibiotics.

Bracken Brae

It’s disappointing not to have a runner today, but we are taking a stalls tester who will have his test 20 minutes before the first race. I will be going there to supervise and let’s hope all goes well. I cannot remember a time in all my years of training that we have had to have so many stalls tests all in a bunch. I suppose it is just how it goes, but this horse is one we got from another yard and you never know what has happened to them when other people have trained them before you. Hopefully we will be reporting back with good news tomorrow.


Best wishes today go to our farrier, Becky, who got taffled up with a yearling on a stud yesterday and finished up doing all the ligaments in her knee. I think she will be off for six weeks at least and just goes to show, accidents can happen to the best of people. It wasn’t one of ours, which is one good thing, as she was due to do them today. Thank goodness she has a partner in crime and we will be well covered whilst she is on the road to recovery. We wish her well.


Who will the full team for ITV be?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story."

Mason Cooley.

Regal Galaxy

There’s a slight breeze this morning, which certainly helps in this very warm weather. It has been really hot in the office / hut and Ian and Di have had the fan going full blast, but it has still been stifling. After yesterday’s hectic day we have had a straight forward cantering, wash down, pick of grass morning and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they all are. We still have a few on the antibiotic list and one or two are recovering from minor injuries, but the majority look pictures, and although it has been a quiet week this week, we will start to have plenty of runners once again from next week onwards.

Dot Green

I see we have got Francesca Cumani joining the new ITV presentation team in the winter, so there will be two new faces to the team at least. It will be fascinating to see if they do pick up any of the present Channel 4 personnel or, like the new Tory Cabinet, none at all. Sometimes a clean sweep is the best for everyone.

Lost The Moon coming back from the walker

I see Great Britain and Ireland, as well as France and Germany are going to help the other 27 racing authorities who are members of the European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation, with the development of their racecourse officials, handicappers, clerks of the scales, vets etc. This is all well and good and should benefit some countries, but unless the rules are the same everywhere, it is just a waste of time. If they said that all 27 countries were going to have unified rules then that would be a result, but with very different rule books in every country, I can’t see the point in doing it until that is in place.


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