The last day of Royal Ascot....

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It is the first day of Royal Ascot

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

"Ah, the things we would do if we could – especially in the secure knowledge that we can’t"

Robert Brault.

The Newmarket stands this morning

We started this morning at 5.30 so we could get as many lots out as we could in the cool before the heat really starts. It has all gone well so far, although we still have one non-runner and one on holiday. We used the Watered Gallop first lot, which was an interesting exercise to say the least, but eventually it all went off well and I kept the rest reasonably close to home on the polytracks.

The heathmen

It is the first day of Royal Ascot today and the fields are enormous in the usual races. Everybody wants a runner there but there will be a lot of disappointed people as there can only be one winner in each race. As normal Richard and I are having our tipping competition, with the added item this week of a daily nap, which if winning, doubles the SP. It is to a level stake of £10 and may the best man win. I always think this first day is the best day to go, especially for the racegoers, as it would just be slightly quieter and the racing is top class. If you ever get a chance to go you must make the effort. It becomes more and more international every year. There are plenty of American runners this year but the Australians, who have been successful here in the past, have given it a miss. It may be something to do with the drug testing regime, which has now been made much more stringent. Our tips for today are below.


2.30  Deauville    3.05  Murillo    3.40  Signs of Blessings  4.20  Churchill    5.00  Rainbow Dreamer    5.35  Declarationofpeace (NAP)


2.30  Lightening Spear    3.05  Romanised    3.40  Signs of Blessing (NAP)    4.20  Churchill    5.00  Thomas Hobson    5.35  James Garfield

Walking to second lot

The big news today is that Frankie Dettori won’t be riding at the Royal meeting at all this week, as his shoulder is still not good after his fall at Yarmouth last week. I saw this fall happen and he did go down hard on his shoulder, but it didn’t look like anything was broken. I would think he has just pulled a few muscles, which as you get older take longer to heal. There are lots of spare rides going now and I am sure it will be a scramble to see who gets on what, especially Big Orange in the Gold Cup.


It is another really hot day

Monday, 19 June 2017

"There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet."

Brooke Medicine Eagle.

Walking to first lot

It’s been so hot over the weekend with temperatures over 30 degrees and the forecast is for it to be similar today. We have been trying to get the horses in and out and washed over as quickly as possible. Everybody is working well and although we have one non-runner, we are not too hard pressed. I have been cantering very close to home on Hamilton Hill with all the lots.


Our runner at York was slightly disappointing and looks like he wants seven furlongs or a mile. He will need one more run for a handicap mark and then the one mile nurseries will be right up his street. York was certainly looking resplendent in the sunshine and the only downer about going is the travelling, with the roads stop-go all the way. They are doing the A14 from Cambridge to Huntingdon at present, which will eventually make it a great road, but it won’t be finished until 2020, which means 2023. 


It is one of the best weeks of the year with Royal Ascot starting tomorrow and every race will be top class. Richard Marriott and I will be doing our tipping competition every day and I think to make it more interesting, we will have to pick one horse to be our nap on a daily basis, which will score double the odds if it wins. There have been quite a few high profile non-runners here this week and the ground will play a big part, as it will surely ride on the fast side unless the clerk of the course decides to put too much water on. This always alters the ground and affects the draw as you can never evenly water the course. If this weather keeps up I am sure we will have a few people fainting wearing morning suits, which are very warm. It will be similar to Trooping The Colour where five soldiers fainted at the weekend. 


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