Ginger Lady runs today at 5.40 ....

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What an awful day

Thursday, 07 December 2017

"It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor."

Marcus Tullius Cicero.

     10_Tpin     17_Breeze
(L) Topapinion and (R) Astrobreeze


It’s a wild, windy, wet morning. It started blowing hard last night and it has kept on increasing ever since. It is not that cold though, but I am told that is on its way. We have a few more riders this morning, thank goodness, and have been getting on well with cantering the horses. Tim, assisted by Harry, is doing a good job breaking the yearlings and there will be several more soon ridden away if progress continues. Hamilton Hill has been the cantering area and we have also nipped one through the stalls who goes for a stalls test tomorrow night.

Graham King with Ginger Lady yesterday at Lingfield

Our one runner yesterday, Ginger Lady, ran with plenty of promise. Still on the green side, she stayed on well in the straight to finish fourth, this only on her second run and six months after making her debut. We will be trying to find another race for her quite quickly where she can be competitive, and if not winning, can gain her handicap mark. She is by a sprinter, out of a mare that stays two miles two, so her ideal trip will be interesting to sort out. She was staying on well yesterday so at least a mile and a quarter will be in her compass and she could possibly get a lot further. All in all a good run. The three we have run this week have all shown they are capable of winning races.

On their way to the lunge pit

I am not sure what Colin Russell is getting at today in his Thursday column in the Racing Post. He is a very sensible man and his articles are always worth reading. It is not the one on the racing charities which certainly deserves as much support as we can give them – both the Injured Jockey Fund and Racing Welfare do an unbelievable job giving support to our industry - but it is his article on the sales and the betting ring that baffles me. The sales ring is one of the only unregulated areas of our industry and for a new owner, it is a complete nightmare and one that can be very off-putting.  As for the betting ring, you pay your money and take your chance. It has always been like that and if you take a short price and it drifts, then that is bad luck and you usually know your fate early. However, with the sales ring, that is another matter. I won’t go into great detail now but wait for the BHA’s enquiry and any findings that come out of it.


We have one runner today at Lingfield

Wednesday, 06 December 2017

"No matter what it is, if you aren’t happy striving for it, you won’t be happy achieving it."

Robert Brault.

First thing this morning and it's still very dark

It’s an overcast morning but not too cold and no wind. We have had another early start, they left soon after five, as our runner today is in the first at Lingfield. Illness has deprived us once again of staff, with a sickness bug seemingly going round the yard, but we have been getting on manfully with everything and it sounds to me as if we will be in a much better position tomorrow. Cantering on Hamilton Hill and plenty of lunging for the yearlings has been the exercise of the morning.

Sharon Goddard with Lost The Moon yesterday after finishing second

Our runners yesterday delighted me with Astroblaze performing with great credit and a brilliant improvement on her first run. She just got a little bit tired at the furlong pole, but stayed on well and there is plenty of improvement to come with her. Lost The Moon looks to be coming back to her best with a very sound run to finish second. From her bad draw she made a considerable amount of ground and finished with a flourish. I think the winner is ahead of the handicapper, but we have run a cracking race and it all augers well for the next few months.

One runner today in what can only be described as a morning race. Ginger Lady runs in the 11.40 at Lingfield. She has been off a long time and had a few niggling problems, but we are happy with her at present and we will learn a lot more today. It may be that she wants a bit further in time, but todays experience will set her in good stead.

The ducks on the pond at Dullingham

There is a big double spread article today in the Racing Post on how trainers can keep on improving and get an edge on each other. It is all the normal suggestions and nothing new has come out. Buy the best horses, feed them the best food, the best veterinary care and put them in the right races. The one major thing the author has left out is that staff, good staff, makes good horses and they should be the number one priority in any yard. I just can’t see why the author has left this section out.


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